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I suck his nuts until he cums all over my face and tits


I shoved both of his nuts in my mouth and licked and sucked them until he drained every ounce of his thick gooey cum all over my tan body. Just thinking of his large load of cum being deposited all over me makes my nipples rock hard. Look at my nipples standing at attention in the digital screen grab of my wide screen movie called slap my ass & use up my tight pussy.
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YummyMama movie "Slap My Ass"

This is a digital video still from my medium size video "Slap my ass " I also offer this movie in a large size!

The quality of all of my amateur videos and pictures is the best available. This is "video still" and is only one frame from a full length movie (each second of our movies contain 30 frames). All movies at YummyMama are shot in high definition with the highest quality digital video equipment available . It is very difficult to represent the true high quality of my movies in one frame and the actual movie this video grab was taken from is flawless.


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