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Beautiful wife sucks a big erect cock that surprised her poking through a glory-hole in her bathroom stall

While using the public bathroom at a busy night club this pretty hot blonde gets a big surprise in her bathroom stall. Distracted by talking to her husband on her cell phone as she enters the ladies room to go pee. Yummy Mama begins peeing before this long thick dick poking through a glory-hole  surprises her  while still talking to her hubby. Curious, but not taking long before deciding what to do with this beautiful big cock sticking through the hole in her stall. Being a horny 99lb nympho she begins expertly sucking the big dick while continuing the conversation with her unknowing husband. Before long this beautiful woman engulfs the entire erect cock poking through her bathroom stall glory-hole, mumbling to her husband. The stranger surprised YummyMama with the size of his load of cum.  Totally filling her mouth, actually over flowing with the strangers sperm. YummyMama swallows all the cum she can, beginning to wipe off the excess cum load that is now dripping from her chin the hot wife's girlfriends enter the ladies room while her face still glistens in the mirror. They ask her what is going on.....Join YummyMama to see hundreds of videos of this beautiful housewife performing all the kinky acts that regular wives would not dare too.


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